Testimonials from our clients

posted under Testimonials   |  21 Apr 2010

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Message from The Travel Architect

posted under Newsflash   |  10 Oct 2012

imageWe would to take this opportunity at inform you, our valued clients that The Travel Architect has been accredited by Association of South African Travel Agents(ASATA).  Thank you for your continued support and well wishes.

The University of Stellenbosch with the support of ASATA is doing research to identify the benefits you receive from co-producing a trip with your travel agent. Co-production is the process whereby you and a travel agent jointly plan a trip.

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Article Source Times of India, 29 April 2011

posted under Newsflash   |  05 May 2011

A new research has shown that meditation produces powerful pain-relieving effects in the brain.

“This is the first study to show that only a little over an hour of meditation training can dramatically reduce both the experience of pain and pain-related brain activation,” said Fadel Zeidan, lead author of the study and post-doctoral research fellow at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

“We found a big effect - about a 40 per cent reduction in pain intensity and a 57 per cent reduction in pain unpleasantness. Meditation produced a greater reduction in pain than even morphine or other pain-relieving drugs, which typically reduce

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A Heritage to be proud of!

posted under Personal Journey   |  05 May 2011

Life in India would grind to a halt (or so it seems) without the following two questions being asked by almost every person you encounter during your journey:  Where do you come from? and where are you going?  Once these two questions have been satisfactorily answered the universe breathes a sign of relief and life as we know if can continue.

During my travels to India the conversation I dread the most goes something like this:-

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Mahashivaratri Festival

posted under Festivals   |  10 Jan 2011

Mahashivaratri Festival or the ‘The Night of Shiva’ is celebrated with devotion and religious fervor in honor of Lord Shiva, one of the deities of Hindu Trinity. Shivaratri falls on the moonless 14th night of the new moon in the Hindu month of Phalgun, which corresponds to the month of February - March in English Calendar. Celebrating the festival of Shivaratri devotees observe day and night fast and perform ritual worship of Shiva Lingam to appease Lord Shiva.

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